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Use this form for general inquiries and requests for referrals if
you are in need of someone to do a Karaoke show for you.

This form can also be used to submit a show or a correction for an existing show.

NOTE: Please include club name and day show is held on along with what needs to be changed about that show's listing if you are submitting a correction.

If submitting a new show, we must have the following: club name, complete address, phone number, day(s) show happens, start / finish times, and name of KJ, and/or karaoke company to be able to list the show.

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IMPORTANT Notice about
Submitting Karaoke Shows!

In order to be able to list a karaoke show and provide the information
that singers are going to need to know, we've got to receive the following:

()   Club or Venue Name
()   Club Address   (Actual complete physical address)
()   Club Phone Number
()   Day(s) Shows Happen
()   Show Times: Start and End   (Please send the actual time the show is over)
()   Name of KJ, and / or Karaoke Company

If you don't want to take time to gather the needed info, please tell the KJ and / or
the club owner to contact us thru the website so they can submit their shows which
helps their business and the club's business.  DFW karaoke.com gets thousands of hits per month by singers checking out listings for places to party!

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