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The 10 Commandments of Karaoke
  A few guidelines for participants of Dallas Ft Worth shows  

1. Thou shalt not walk in front of the
monitor when someone is singing.

It is extremely distracting and very rude.  Submit your next song between singers!  If sitting or standing close to singer keep conversation low.  No loud yelling, laughing or heckling.  This only makes it hard for the singer!
Remember it may be your turn next!  Ask everyone at your table to be quiet while they sing.  Do not distract the singer...

2. Thou shalt always applaud for every singer.
It doesn't matter how good or bad you think they are we all need encouragement.  Someday you may be up there singing also...
besides, we all up in here to have fun!

3. Thou shalt not sing back up for someone
or get up on stage for any reason unless
they specifically ask you to.

Don't put them on the spot by asking them while they are on stage.
Ask only before you turn in the song to be sung.  Dancing is permitted while singer is singing in most places.  It shows a complement to the singer...
So get up and get on down!

4. Thou shalt make sure the numbers you
submit for your songs are correct.

Putting down the wrong numbers and letters only slows up the show.  If the KJ is nice and willing to wait for you to find the right number or just move to the next singer.  It's always kool to double check your numbers before you give your song to the KJ in charge.

5. Thou shalt not continuously ask the
KJ when it will be your turn to sing.

The KJ has enough to do without your distractions, and silly stories while they are working.  Always remember that when new singers come in they will be worked into the rotation which means, it may take a litter longer for you to sing...so chill, yo!

6. Thou shalt not "Boo" at the singers
or make derogatory remarks.

We are all here to have fun.  Cussin ain't allowed on the stage while talking out yo backside into the microphone cause you may be asked to step down.  If your KJ encourages cussing by doing it themselves, ask them to please stop...unless you like that sort of thing, or if there are kids there!

7. Thou shalt not get up on stage
to sing a DUET with someone

...without first asking them permission to do so  If you do, they may
say bad things 'bout Cho Momma and the bar peoples will hate you!

8. Thou shalt treat the microphone with respect.
The equipment is very expensive, depending on where you're singing.  Donít swing it around with the cord like the guy from The Who... don't drop it or slobber all over it.  Germs are everywhere!  Be sure to wash your hands when returning from the rest room so you will be practicing safe karaoke, and won't be gettin yo booty juice on the mic!  Cause you might get the "Rockin' Pneumonia, and The Boogie Woogie Flu"

9. Thou shalt not gripe if someone
else sings a song you like to sing

After all, you don't own exclusive rights to the song.  Your KJ should let you know if your song is going to be sung by someone else first, so you may have the option of picking another song.  However, that doesnít always happen.  It's a good idea to always have a back up song ready.

10. Thou shalt above all have fun!
This is an extremely fun very addicting hobby also a good way to meet people who love to sing as you do.  Always keep that laid back south Austin attitude and a big smile on your face when you hang out at karaoke shows.  Love and respect others.  Don't pass around negative ruomers...unless they're true!  Keep everything positive, upbeat and fun!

Welcome all new comers with "Open Arms", and
never let anyone sit by themselves..."Family Tradition"!

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